Kadath Doomsproggle

Creepy gnome wizard, specializing in using his enemies' worst fears against them.


Kadath’s life really started when he died.

Yes, you read that right.

While excavating some ancient ruins, he came across an ancient relic from a time long-forgotten. On its base was some writing in an ancient language, lost to the knowledge of modern society. He became obsessed with the relic, and spent many sleepless nights working on understanding its secrets. He became consumed by the relic, in part due to its inherent evil lying dormant within. Upon deciphering the relic’s text, he was completely overcome by fiendish images from beyond time and space, went mad, and shortly died thereafter.

Due to the overwhelmingly evil power of the relic, Kadath’s spirit was drawn to the Far Realm, where it was subjected to eldritch horrors of such madness and malevolence that they are best left beyond description.

While he was generally reclusive by nature, the people of the village in which he kept his library soon noticed his absence. Discovering his body, he was sent to the town’s cleric and brought back to life, as while he was considered eccentric, as a wizard, he was a valued member of the village, when the villagers needed that sort of thing.

These days his body is intact, and his mind is relatively so, yet part of Kadath’s soul still dwells in the Far Realm. His eyes are jet black orbs with just the faintest inner glow deep within, only noticeable if one holds his gaze long enough, which is something few people willingly do.

His arcane powers have also been noticeably touched by the Far Realm, with a horrific element added to all of them. As an active adventurer once more, this tends to disturb his fellow party members, but is far more disturbing to his foes.

Kadath’s obsession with eldritch lore, especially the Far Realm and its denizens has hardly been quenched by his death and resurrection. If anything, he has become even more obsessed with exploring ancient ruins and tombs, seeking ancient forbidden relics, and studying them and their effects.

Kadath Doomsproggle

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